What are the costs of your services?

Real estate photo shoots start at $150 for a one bedroom property.

The fee, which is GST free, includes the photo shoot of the property, post processing of the images and delivery of the digital images to your email box.

All shoots include at least one exterior photo of the unit complex / home and at least one interior photo of each and every room.

For a list of prices of other property sizes, please check the pricing page on site.

How long does the photo shoot take?

A real estate photo shoot generally takes between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the number of rooms and other preparations that may be needed to make the home look at its best.

A home that is clean and prepared will faciliate a much more timely and efficient photo shoot.

How long does delivery of the photos take?

Delivery of digital images from a real estate photo shoot generally takes between one to two days, depending on the number of photos.

Ideally if a weekend photo shoot can be arranged on Saturday then you’ll  have the images sitting in your mailbox on Monday morning.

Do you offer real estate video?

Not currently, but real estate video is a service we will bring on board if the interest for it is there.

Likewise with drone photography*, if the interest for it is there we’ll consider incorporating this service in the future.

*It is important to note that there are rules and restrictions to flying remotely piloted aircraft systems in Canberra and surrounds, of which drone operators need to comply.  These conditions are outlined by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority on their website at www.casa.gov.au/aircraft/standard-page/can-i-fly-there-drone-safety-app. As such, each location needs to be assessed for suitability to flying a drone at least one week prior to ensure safety and compliance.

Are you available for photo shoots on the weekend?

Yes. In fact, as this is a part-time business operation, weekend photo shoots are preferred.

So if you usually have your property photo shoot during business hours, keep our contact details handy. You never know when you might need that urgent weekend photo shoot done and we’ll be right there for you!

Is there anything I need to do for the photo shoot?

Yes. In fact, small preparations can make huge improvements to photos of a property. Presenting your home in an attractive way will encourage interest from potential buyers and help you to get your desired sales price. Click on the button below to download a one-page home photo shoot preparation checklist.



Home Photo Shoot Prep Checklist

What are my usage rights for the images?

We are committed to protecting the interests, intellectual property rights and livelihood of our business. Copyright for all photos are owned by ST Photography with a usage license provided upon payment.

Real estate photography prices include non-transferable, non-resellable rights to reproduce the photographs for all marketing purposes specifically related to the sale of a single residential property for the full continuous duration of the client’s listing.

The real estate agent or client is granted usage rights for use of the images until the property is either sold or withdrawn from the market. Once the property has been sold or withdrawn from the market, the agent or client must purchase a seperate usage license to continue using the images for marketing purposes.

Photos may not be resold or otherwise transferred to those including, but not limited to: builders, architects, sellers, buyers, designers, stagers or subsequent listing agents. Photos cannot be used by a third party or another agent unless a separate usage license is purchased.

Purchase of a seperate usage license is less than the cost of a photo shoot, when it is the images that were purchased for that same photo shoot. If you would like to purchase a seperate usage license to the images, please get in touch.

How do you accept payments?
At this stage we accept payments by cash, bank transfer or credit card (through Stripe). Payment is not required prior to the photo shoot but full payment must be made prior to delivery of the images.

Have any more questions? If so then get in touch with us.